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What goal do you want to reach? Be happy in your current job? Find the right balance? Perform better and succeed? Find a career that feels meaningful? If you say yes to any of those, then Reaching your Goals is for you. Find out what it takes to reach your goals! Reaching your Goals is your favorite career podcast with Johanna Herbst. Johanna is a leading executive & career coach and management consultant with 15+ years of international experience in coaching, management consulting, entrepreneurship, and corporate finance. She holds an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business and is trained as a certified coach. Every week, Johanna sits down with inspiring individuals to discuss all kinds of career and business related topics to bring you the insights you need to get one step closer to living a fulfilled professional life. Topics include everything from listening as a super power, leadership trends, getting promoted to preempting burnout. You can expect lots of energy, compassion, and candid discussions with everyone from business leaders, academics, coaches or entrepreneurs. Johanna’s mission is simple: To inspire you to reach your goals, lead with kindness, and have some fun along the way.    You will find more information on the show at If you would like to get in touch with Johanna, you can reach her at

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Friday Feb 16, 2024

I'm thrilled to bring you a special bonus episode featuring a live coaching session from an event with Digital Women in Switzerland. Recorded last November, this episode captures the thrill and insights of live coaching on a virtual stage.
In this episode, you'll gain an understanding of what coaching entails and get to listen to a live coaching session. The central theme of our discussion is the transformative question: What would you do if you prioritized yourself?
I'm eager to hear your thoughts and experiences related to self-prioritization and how it influences your personal and professional life. Feel free to share your insights with me at
#DigitalWomenSwitzerland #LiveCoaching #SelfPrioritization #CareerCoaching #LeadershipCoaching #ProfessionalGrowth #PersonalDevelopment #BonusEpisode #CoachingInsights #VirtualEvent #Empowerment

Tuesday Nov 14, 2023

Ever wondered how mindsets and beliefs are woven together to impact your success? Dive into this week’s episode of Reaching your Goals where Johanna Herbst chats with Lauren Howe, Assistant Professor of Management at the University of Zurich. They’ll be unraveling the transformative power of mindsets—those 'subjective lenses' that can drastically alter our journey to success. 
In this episode, you'll discover:
How to leverage mindsets as tools for interpreting reality.
The complex relationship between beliefs, emotions, and actions in personal development.
Effective strategies to challenge limiting beliefs and transform obstacles into stepping stones for growth.
The importance of adaptability and empathy as pivotal skills in today’s world.
Lauren delves deep into how our beliefs and the environment shape our decisions and destiny. She tackles topics from the role of self-fulfilling prophecies to how parental attitudes influence children's intelligence mindsets.
Whether you're looking to overcome personal hurdles or eager to cultivate essential future skills, this episode is your gateway to growth and success.
#MindsetMatters #PersonalDevelopment #FutureSkills #SuccessMindset #Leadership #Empathy #ReachingYourGoalsPodcast #MindsetShift #PersonalGrowth #FutureOfWork

Tuesday Nov 07, 2023

What if you could supercharge your energy levels throughout the day? Just imagine the possibilities! You could lead a happier and more productive life.
In this week's episode of "Reaching your Goals" podcast, I have the incredible Ramses Alcaide as my guest. Ramses is the co-founder and CEO of Neurable. At Neurable, he's on a mission to translate brain activity into simple, actionable insights for everyday use.
During this engaging conversation, Ramses takes us on a journey through the development of brain-computer interface technology and shares invaluable insights on:
🧠 Understanding brain activity and its vast potential.
⏸️ The significance of taking breaks to boost productivity.
🔌 How neurotechnology, in the form of headphones or earbuds, can monitor focus and attention, ultimately enhancing productivity and reducing stress.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain insights from someone who's not just talking the talk but walking the walk in the world of neurotechnology. 🤝🌐
Ramses' bio
Ramses has a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Washington and a PhD in neuroscience from the University of Michigan.
He is also a 2x winner of the Neuroscience Innovator Award and recipient of the National Science Foundation Fellowship and Ford Foundation Fellowship. Ramses has been named a Forbes 1000.
Ramses is the Co-Founder and CEO of Neurable where he is translating brain activity into simple, actionable insights for every day usage.
Ramses is based in Boston in the US.

Tuesday Oct 31, 2023

This week, we're thrilled to host Aliza Licht, an expert in personal branding and the author of "On Brand: Shape Your Narrative. Share Your Vision. Shift Their Perception." 
This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to build a strong personal brand. Whether you're an influencer, a professional, or just starting out, Aliza's insights are invaluable. Personal branding isn't just about seeking fame; it's about presenting yourself and communicating your value to the world.
✨ Key Takeaways:
Shaping Your Narrative: Aliza dives deep into how you can control the story of your professional life. It's not just about what you do; it's how you present it.
Changing Perceptions: Learn how to shift how others see you, and why this matters in your career progression.
Leadership Insights: Discover Aliza's unique perspective on leadership and its role in personal branding.
Beyond Social Media: Understand why personal branding extends far beyond your social media presence.
Effective Communication: Get practical strategies for communicating your value effectively.
Don't miss this episode! Tune in now to learn how to take control of your personal brand and shape the narrative of your professional life. Because remember, when it comes to success, perception is just as important as reality.
#ReachingYourGoalsPodcast #PersonalBranding #Leadership #CareerDevelopment #AlizaLicht #Podcast #ProfessionalGrowth
Aliza's bio:
ALIZA LICHT is an award-winning marketer, bestselling author, podcaster, personal branding expert, and the founder of LEAVE YOUR MARK, a multimedia brand and consultancy. She advises businesses and mentors individuals on brand building and career development. Licht leverages over two decades of expertise in marketing, communications, and digital strategy in the fashion industry. Her first book, Leave Your Mark, was published in 2015. Her new book, On Brand: Shape Your Narrative. Share Your Vision. Shift Their Perception is a comprehensive roadmap to building your personal brand. Aliza is based in New York in the US.
Stay in touch with Aliza: 
Instagram:   @alizalichtxo 
Twitter          @alizalicht
TikTok:          @alizalichtxo

Tuesday Oct 24, 2023

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of reinvention and take charge of your career and life? In this week's episode of "Reaching Your Goals," I had the absolute pleasure of hosting the incredible Joanne Lipman, who shares her insights from her latest book, "Next!: The Power of Reinvention in Life and Work." 📚
Join us as we delve deep into the art of reinvention and discover the four crucial steps that can transform your life and career:
1️⃣ Search: This step is about envisioning your future self. It's about realizing that reinventing yourself is not about becoming someone entirely new but finding a fuller expression of who you already are. 
2️⃣ Struggle: This is where the real magic happens, even though it often gets left out in stories of reinvention. It's the messy middle when you've left one identity behind but haven't fully embraced the new one. 
3️⃣ Stop: Stepping away from the problem or change you're wrestling with can be the turning point. Moments of reflection, sabbaticals, and unstructured time can lead to those much-needed epiphanies.
4️⃣ Solution: This is when the transformation is complete. Joanne reminds us that past experiences and efforts, even if they feel like detours, contribute to where we ultimately land. 
So, ask yourself, "What's next for me?" If you're unsure or seeking inspiration for a fresh start, this episode is a must-listen! Tune in now to "Reaching Your Goals" and embark on a journey of reinvention with Joanne Lipman! 

Tuesday Oct 17, 2023

In this episode, we had the privilege of hosting the author, Annie Margaret Young, renowned for her book, "THE 5-DAY JOB SEARCH."
In our conversation, Annie unleashes a treasure trove of practical advice for job seekers, covering key areas such as:
✅ Building a Powerful LinkedIn Profile: Learn the secrets to crafting an attention-grabbing headline, a compelling bio, and why it's crucial to keep your profile up-to-date.
✅ Crafting Tailored Resumes: Discover how to tailor your resume to match job positions and boost your chances of landing your dream job, along with a surprising twist involving ChatGPT!
✅ Navigating Interviews: Find out how to assess company culture and recognize red flags during interviews to ensure the perfect fit for your career.
✅ The Importance of Mindset: Annie dives into the significance of a positive mindset, self-belief, and staying confident throughout the job search process.
Annie Margaret Young's insights are invaluable for everyone, whether you're just starting your career journey or are a seasoned professional looking to level up. Her expertise and enthusiasm are sure to inspire and motivate you.
🎧 Tune in today and don't miss this opportunity to supercharge your job search and reach your goals.
Annie's bio:
Annie is a two-time author of “The 5-Day Job search” and “1,001 Ways to Save Money”.
Annie is an accountant by trade but most passionate about personal finance. She dodged student loan debt by leaping into the world of minimum wage jobs after high school. She grew a love for frugal living, self-education, and planning for the future during those years. Annie understood that while it wasn’t easy to avoid debt, it was possible. She later earned her B.A. in Communications from Thomas Edison State University.
Annie lives with her husband in Boston, where she is fully committed to learning the piano!
#JobSearch #CareerAdvice #PodcastEpisode #LinkedInProfile #ResumeTips #InterviewSuccess #AnnieMargaretYoung #The5DayJobSearch
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Tuesday Oct 10, 2023

Are you ready to transform your organization's culture for the better? Join us in our latest episode of "Reaching Your Goals" as we delve deep into the world of corporate culture and its transformation using AI.
In this thought-provoking episode, our special guest Charlie Sull, co-founder of CultureX, shares invaluable insights on how to identify and rectify toxic cultures within organizations, and it's all powered by AI! 
Key Takeaways:
1️⃣ Learn how an AI platform developed at MIT utilizes natural language to measure corporate culture more effectively.
2️⃣ Discover the five key negative factors that impact employee satisfaction and how Glassdoor reviews can be your cultural compass.
3️⃣ Gain insight into the unique challenges women face in toxic cultures and why senior leadership buy-in is the key to successful culture change.
4️⃣ Uncover the financial benefits and improved employee satisfaction that a positive culture can bring to your organization.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insights on transforming your organizational culture using cutting-edge AI tools and effective measurement techniques. 
Tune in NOW and join the conversation on reshaping the future of corporate culture!
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Charlie's bio:
Charlie Sull is the co-founder of CultureX. Charlie has advised the senior executive teams of dozens of multinational organizations on cultural management, strategy development, and strategy execution. He conducts regular research at MIT, and his thought leadership has been featured in the Economist, Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, Bloomberg, CNBC, Fortune, Forbes, the Financial Times, Fast Company, Business Insider, Inc., and more.
With his dad, Donald Sull, Charlie created the MIT Sloan Management Review/Glassdoor Culture 500, the largest systematic study of corporate culture ever conducted.
Charlie graduated from Harvard College and lives now in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the US.
Stay in touch with Charlie:
Company Website:
#ReachingYourGoalsPodcast #CorporateCulture #AIInnovation #CultureTransformation #LeadershipInsights #EmployeeSatisfaction #AIforGood 
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Tuesday Oct 03, 2023

In this episode, Johanna Herbst sits down with the remarkable Julia Boorstin to discuss her insightful new book "When Women Lead." Ever wondered about the impact of women in leadership roles? Spoiler alert: Companies are financially better off when they prioritize diversity and amplify female voices.
But this isn't just about numbers; it's a transformative conversation for both men and women. Julia's research and perspective leave us with an optimistic taste, echoing that we're certainly moving in the right direction.
Join us as we delve into the unique resourcefulness of female-led startups, shed light on the current landscape of VC funding for women-driven ventures, and highlight some groundbreaking companies setting new standards in the business world. Whether you're an entrepreneur, investor, or someone eager to understand the evolving world of business, this episode is a goldmine of knowledge! 
Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more deep dives into goal-reaching journeys. Let's find out together what happens when women lead.
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Julia's bio: 
Julia Boorstin is CNBC’s Senior Media & Tech Correspondent and has been an on-air reporter for the network since 2006. She also plays a central role on CNBC’s bicoastal tech-focused program “TechCheck” delivering reporting, analysis, and CEO interviews with a focus on social media and the intersection of media and technology.
In 2013, Julia created and launched the CNBC Disruptor 50, an annual list she oversees, highlighting private companies transforming the economy and challenging companies in established industries. She also helped launch the network’s ‘Closing the Gap’ initiative covering the people and companies closing gender and diversity gaps. She published her first book When Women Lead in 2022.
Julia lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two sons.
Stay in touch with Julia: 
If you have comments on the show or like to work with Johanna, you can reach her at You will also find more information on the show at
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Tuesday Sep 26, 2023

In this transformative episode, we're joined by entrepreneur, business leader, and author Liz Elting to deep dive into the quintessential keys to unlocking your fullest potential. Liz shares riveting insights from her new book, 'Dream Big and Win,' a roadmap that promises to elevate your career, business, and life!
Why Attitude Matters More Than Aptitude: Discover why your mindset can be your greatest asset or your worst enemy. Liz emphasizes the importance of cultivating a winner's mindset that sets you apart from the crowd.
Scaling Your Sales Team: What's the secret sauce behind a thriving business? A high-performing sales team! Learn Liz's invaluable tips on how to focus, nurture, and catapult your sales force into a revenue-generating powerhouse.
Quality Over Quantity: In today's saturated market, why is focusing on quality the smartest business move you can make? Liz explains how to win your customer's trust and loyalty, making your brand indispensable.
Creating a Magnetic Work Culture: A motivated team is a successful team. Liz delves into the building blocks of creating a work culture that not only retains top talent but also encourages innovation, engagement, and skyrocketing productivity.
Cultivating a Frugal Mindset: Unlock the magic of resourcefulness! Liz reveals how adopting a frugal mindset can be the ultimate game-changer for personal and business growth.
Don't miss this episode filled with actionable advice, groundbreaking ideas, and thought-provoking conversations that will leave you inspired and equipped to 'Dream Big and Win!'
Hit subscribe to never miss an episode! 🎧
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Liz Elting's bio:
Liz Elting is the Founder and CEO of the Elizabeth Elting Foundation. She is an entrepreneur, business leader, linguaphile, philanthropist, feminist, and mother. After living, studying, and working in five countries across the globe, Liz founded TransPerfect out of an NYU dorm room in 1992 and served as Co-CEO until 2018. She studied the shortcomings of other translation companies and found ways to improve upon them. TransPerfect is the world's largest language solutions company, with over $1.1 billion in revenue and offices in more than 100 cities worldwide.
In her forthcoming book, DREAM BIG AND WIN: Translating Passion into Purpose and Creating a Billion-Dollar Business (Wiley; September 26, 2023), she reveals a counterintuitive approach to success and divulges practical and inspiring tips you can implement immediately to not only dream big, but also win. Her refreshingly frank and humorous recollections of lessons in life and entrepreneurship serve as a guide for anyone who seeks to fulfill their highest potential.
Stay in touch with Liz: 
Websites: and
Instagram: @LizElting
Facebook: Liz Elting
Twitter: @LizElting
Keywords: Liz Elting, Dream Big and Win, Unlocking Potential, Entrepreneurship, Thought Leadership, Business Growth, Sales Team, Work Culture, Frugal Mindset, Resourcefulness, Quality Over Quantity, Winner's Mindset, Career Advancement
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Tuesday Sep 19, 2023

When did you work last time on your mental fitness? And yes, you need it to perform at your best. Curious how to improve it? Please meet my insightful guest Charlotte Wiseman.
Dive into this enlightening episode where we:
Explore Charlotte's transformative journey from a mental breakdown in Indonesia to mastering her own mental fitness.
Discover powerful tools for enhancing mental strength, including mindfulness meditation and the art of mind wandering.
Delve deep into understanding psychological safety: its essence and how you can cultivate it.
Unravel the crucial role culture plays in influencing our well-being. Don't miss out!
Charlotte Wiseman is a positive organizational psychology consultant and trainer known for her pioneering work in the field of mental fitness.
It was her own journey overcoming chronic stress, anxiety and depression that first led her to explore applied positive psychology techniques in 2009. The changes she experienced were so inspiring that she left her long standing career in the fashion industry to pursue an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and Mental Health First Aid Trainer qualifications.
Charlotte is a member of the British Psychological Society and International Positive Psychology Association and has been featured in the Journal of Public Mental Healt. She is leading the way for bringing the parity of esteem into the workplace.
Charlotte is based in London in the UK.
Stay in touch with Charlotte:
#mentalfitness #toxicworkculture #psychologicalsafety #reachingyourgoals #delygate
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